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Teach you how to make videos on tall buildings

Teach you how to make videos on tall buildings

Is the video sent in the circle of friends particularly tall? The key is that it's all from someone else's house?! However, from today on, don't be so envious. The company has prepared a training course for you - Mobile Video Editing training. Through this class, our lecturer master Dong will teach you how to make video clips, so that you can send videos in your circle of friends. From 17:30 to 18:30 on the evening of April 22, the director of the R & D center gave a wonderful lecture in the Fermat conference room, from the recommendation of video editing tools to the method of video editing, step by step and patiently demonstrated. Under the explanation of master Dong, the students practiced one by one according to the production steps, and finally mastered the video production in the normal mode, The production of slightly more complex points will be explored and discussed after class. There is a reason why manager Dong is called master Dong. He always carefully looks for every moment that can be photographed through his eyes that find beauty, and then focuses on pressing the shutter in time to record the beauty of that moment, and makes post video production. Sometimes a video will be edited repeatedly in order to keep improving, Try to present the video with the most beautiful vision, so every time the finished product is made, there is always a feeling of blockbuster. At the same time, he showed us the videos he shot and produced in recent years, explaining some editing methods used in video production, their advantages and disadvantages, and what aspects we should pay attention to when shooting or making in the future. It seems that the cultivation of masters has also been tempered. Because of love, so like, so focus, master Dong, a donkey friend who forgets himself in the photography world after work.
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