Reading lights up wisdom and the fragrance of books moistens the mind

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(Summary description)Some people say: "the book is a heavy door, favoring every knocker." Others say that "reading a good book can broaden our thinking and purify our hearts." Anyway, reading more and reading good books is a good thing after all.

Reading lights up wisdom and the fragrance of books moistens the mind

(Summary description)Some people say: "the book is a heavy door, favoring every knocker." Others say that "reading a good book can broaden our thinking and purify our hearts." Anyway, reading more and reading good books is a good thing after all.

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——The first phase of ivata book club officially opened in March



Some people say: "the book is a heavy door, favoring every knocker." Others say that "reading a good book can broaden our thinking and purify our hearts." Anyway, reading more and reading good books is a good thing after all.

In order to stimulate the reading enthusiasm of employees and enrich ivata's corporate culture, our company held the first reading club from March to September 2021. The reading books of this reading club are living law and mental law written by Mr. Inamori Kazuo, a famous Japanese entrepreneur. The reading objects are people at or above the supervisor level. We divided the students into two classes by drawing lots, The class names are: Yimo book club and Huixian Academy. The class leaders of each class have formulated the reading plan of the class at the same time. The reading books of each class are different, but the overall progress is the same.

On March 8, we held a brief launching ceremony of the book club in ferma, and then the work of class division, reading arrangement and follow-up was carried out in an orderly manner. On March 29 and March 30, we held the first book sharing meeting in classes. Orderly speaking, expressing opinions and modest listening were the main theme of the sharing meeting. The whole sharing and exchange meeting was smooth and the atmosphere was relaxed and pleasant. In addition, We have not only the sharing of each member, but also the summary after sharing, but also the suggestions for the development of the book club, which has achieved or even exceeded the expected effect of the organization.

Attachment 1: excerpt from the exchange of experience of "Huixian academy" students in reading the preface, Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 of the mental method:

1. The mind Dharma conveys the philosophy of being good. It preaches that we should have a heart that makes more contributions to the society and the world, improve our mental nature, start from the heart, have a pure heart, focus on one thing, and our life will not deviate. No matter how big or small things are, if you do them carefully, you can achieve the ultimate. For example, Tao Huabi, the founder of Laoganma, Ruan Liping, the engineer of bull socket, and Yumeng, the village of "cooking immortal" in Osaka, Japan.

2. Operators should not only care for employees, but also be strict with them, and the two should be "high" balanced. This is also a problem we have to face directly in our daily work. Both hands should be grasped and both hands should be hard. This problem is actually a management skill we need to master.

3. Different ways of thinking lead to different values.

4. Although I seldom read books, my heart is shocked. Keep a positive and kind heart and work together to achieve success. I think this is the value of human existence.

5. "Restraining desire" has hit the heart of contemporary people.

6. If we only think about taking advantage of ourselves, we will stay away for a long time.

7. People adopt the philosophy of "respecting heaven and loving others" to guide their behavior, so as to bring peace to the world and add happiness to human civilization.

8. The experience of this book has three aspects: shock, admiration and perception. The existence of life is also the process of releasing value.

9. The end of science is theology, which seems a little idealistic, but it also shows that both material civilization and spiritual civilization are indispensable. The impetuous mind sometimes needs spiritual practice.

Attachment 2: excerpt from the exchange of experience of "Yimo book club" students in reading the preface and Chapter 1 of the living method:

1. I heard about Kazuo Inamori's living law a long time ago. I never had the chance to read it. I finally read it in my hand with the good idea of setting up a reading club in the company. After reading it, I feel deeply. I believe that as long as everyone keeps his faith and insists on doing something, he will succeed. There is nothing he can't do, only those who don't want to do it.

2. After reading the first chapter of the living law, my personal feeling is that to do something, we must first have a strong desire. We often say "what we want is done", which is not only a blessing, but also a law of life. We must first have what we want to do in order to achieve success; Secondly, the work should consider every detail, have careful planning and careful preparation, dare to face difficulties, dare to challenge the impossible, never compromise in the face of adversity, and finally "make continuous efforts".

3. On the way of thinking, there is a saying called "wrong direction, efforts are in vain". A positive and positive way of thinking is the basis for good results. When dealing with problems, we must solve problems positively, rather than playing a smart "shortcut". Such problems are often not cured, and there are no good results in the end. Ability without action generally leads to no good results. Lack of ability, enthusiasm and perseverance often lead to better results. If the direction is wrong, it will be in vain. Only with full enthusiasm, strong execution, positive way of thinking, positive problem-solving, and continuous accumulation and persistence in practice can we succeed.

4. In this chapter, what I feel most is that Mr. Matsushita Yukiko talked about the famous "reservoir management". Here, it is said that we should not only avoid floods, but also ensure that the river does not dry up. Therefore, we should build a reservoir to store water. Like enterprise management, we should reserve for the depression period during the boom, and there should be enough margin for operation. So how to build the reservoir and what good methods are unknown and vary from person to person, but first of all, we must firmly believe in building the reservoir. You must think so. The truth is that we must think first. In fact, it is the same as our company's vision. This is a seed. We should take root, germinate and bear fruit.

5. Finally finished the first chapter. I read faster this time. I need to read it slowly when I have a chance. The result of the work in the paper = thinking mode * enthusiasm * ability   Is a very good formula. I think there is another small factor affecting the work results, that is, luck. With a small element of luck, the results are very different.

6. Study hard and work hard in a silly way. This is the best practice after China's entry into WTO.

7. I like reading, but I haven't read for a long time. I'll start reading again by reading club. Reading experience: to measure your ability, you should use the "future continuous tense" to maximize people's potential. Treat your work with this positive attitude, don't easily say "cannot", give full play to the power of thinking, establish lofty ideals and lofty goals, and temper your personality in studying innovation and unremitting efforts. Dreams and wishes are the springboard for life to take off!

8. We should have a strong desire for the goal we want to achieve or the problem we want to solve. Maybe the goal can't be achieved and the problem can't be solved at the moment, but we often think about it and think about it as soon as we have time. "Inspiration" may appear. The unanswered questions will suddenly have an answer, and we are one step closer to the goal.

9. I read Mr. Inamori's book for the second time. The first time was recommended by the last company, which shows that Inamori's experience and thought have been very valued and popular in Chinese enterprises in recent years; Especially for enterprises related to industry, this is related to daoshanda's experience in industry. In fact, the thoughts of all Mr. Inamori's books are more or less filled with the pursuit of down-to-earth and patient work step by step, which is the most important basic quality of doing industry. Only by doing, learning, thinking, patient pursuit, firm perseverance, sinking down and overcoming fear can we get closer to success.

10. The preface has been read for a long time, and some paragraphs have been read repeatedly. The products that "can cut your hand" mentioned in the first chapter are in line with our relay mirror design, production and quality control philosophy. A good product is the best customer survey.



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