With the popularity of large wide-angle lenses and panoramic cameras, camera modules will encounter production bottlenecks in assembly and testing methods, especially for large wide-angle lenses exceeding 150°; relay lenses cannot be used for detection. At the same time, the use of large angles The relay lens test method will make the equipment design huge and occupy a lot of space. In order to improve the above problems, the use of electronically controlled collimator tubes realizes electric control to realize the switching of analog distance from near focal length to infinity. Computer communication controls the brightness of white light and infrared LED. At the same time, the precision, efficiency and consistency of the light tube are higher!

working principle

The working principle of the collimator is shown in the figure. The chart board, which is the benchmark target for inspection, is uniformly illuminated by the LED light source. When the chart is accurately located on the focal plane of the objective lens, the light passing through the chart is refracted by the objective lens and becomes a parallel beam, which is equivalent to the beam from an infinite target. When the chart is gradually moved to the objective lens, the light passing through the chart becomes an angular divergent beam after being refracted by the objective lens. The distance between the intersection of the reverse extension line of the divergent light and the optical axis to the aperture is the simulated target distance. The electronically controlled collimator uses electric control to switch from the near focal length to the infinity analog distance, which can meet the testing needs of customers.


Product Features 

a.The simulation distance can be controlled by software, no manual adjustment is required;
b. Chart diagram module structure, and can realize the collocation use of dual color temperature;
c.Can simulate close focus ~ infinity object distance;
d.The analog distance switch is fast and accurate, and the position accuracy can reach 0.002mm;
e.The volume is precise and small, and the electronic control system is highly centralized;
f.Independently develop software to implement effective control of the collimator.

Product specifications

MTF/Distortion Zemax parameter curve 

Application icon


Scope of application:1. Active Alignment device;
                 2. SFR/MTF test equipment


4.1. Active Alignment device;

4x corner collimator+1x center relay lens




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