PLTM300RA(Active autocollimator)

PLTM300RA(Active autocollimator)

1.Accurately measure and adjust the measured object at a distance of 10m, with the highest accuracy of 0.1 "Max;
2.Accurate measurement of angle changes in two 3.Eliminate ghost images from the perspective of optical design, and eliminate the measurement error caused by ghost images;
4.Industrial product shape design and high-end appearance.
PLTMRA003  (passive collimator)

PLTMRA003 (passive collimator)

1.The verticality of the collimator is accurately adjusted, and the accuracy is within 50";
2.Small size, light weight, easy to use;
3.It is more beneficial to the calibration of small module tooling fixtures;
4.Industrial product shape design and high-end appearance.
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